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Companies’ complexity nowadays is facing the adaptation process to new realities, new demands, and new business models, in all areas including in Information Technology area. Founded in the latest 2000, PT Inovasi Lintas Media (Inovasi) started to involve in this adaptation process by incorporating ready-to-use IT solutions into the company. With a strong focus on Solutions for Data Center, Networking, Security, and IT Management, that generate value for clients, Inovasi is organized around three segments; Solutions, Deliverables, and Manage Services.

Inovasi provides Solutions to fit the clients’ business needs, depending on the companies’ sizes. While Deliverables are the most crucial tasks within our commitment to clients, the Solution that we provide shall be the right one. In order to do so, Inovasi hires some talented assets with expertise in the latest Information Technology to answer all kinds of IT needs.

Meanwhile, as to improve effective and efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and maintenance activities in clients’ site, Inovasi provides the Manage Services activities, based on clients’ requirements and Service Level Agreement.

Being the leader in Networking and Security Solutions, Inovasi strives to improve the existence in the market by strengthening our relationships with clients, increasing collaboration with other entities and, for sure, developing performance.