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Inovasi believes in product quality and solution delivery. Other than simply selling products and solutions, Inovasi also provides professional services. Inovasi Lintas Media’s Professional Services include giving product administration training, performing implementation and commissioning, product maintenance contract, online support, onsite support, and other after-sales services.


Online Support

For 8 hours/day 5 days/week, our sales and pre-sales team are ready to discuss the best way to answer your business needs. With our extensive knowledge, we can offer a wide-range of possible solutions to meet any expectations the best we can. We can be contacted via phone, blackberry messenger, email or even instant messaging (IM).


Product Training

Inovasi makes sure that its clients understand what they need and know how to handle any kind of situation concerning the products. By giving out product training, we make certain that the user is well-equipped with needed knowledge to operate without much help. Product training is done on-site or off-site.


Implementation & Roll-Out

The implementation and roll-out service starts from user requirement gathering, installing & configuring to testing. Our professional consultants are well-equipped with the knowledge, drive and responsibility to deliver Inovasi’s products and solutions with high-rate of accomplishment.


After-Sales Services

After a product or solution is delivered successfully, Inovasi makes sure that the on-going operation and the socialization process are running smoothly. During business hours, Inovasi may be contacted via phone, email or instant messenger (IM) to discuss or consult. Inovasi also has a standard Service Level Agreement for those who need extra attention. Based on the Service Level Agreement agreed by both parties, Inovasi will allocate its resources to response and resolve any problem that might take place accordingly.